HazMat Hot Sauce

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Are you ready for the best hot sauce you’ve ever put in your mouth? We think so. Order a bottle and find out.  WARNING: Consumption of single bottles of HazMat have been known to lead to ordering entire cases.

How do we do it?

We start with delicious apricots and then blend in the perfect mixture of garlic, bell peppers, carrots, and lemons to make the rich flavorful base. Then we hand that of to our expert team of pepper wranglers who add just the right amount of that wonderful habanero flavor and heat to get you going.

We squeeze all this explosive flavor into a 5oz. bottle and send it on its way to add that mouthwatering kick to anything and everything you can think of to put it on.


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Explosively delicious.


Apricots, Garlic, Bell Peppers, Carrots, Lemons, Habanero Peppers

5 reviews for HazMat Hot Sauce

  1. Kim Sykes

    This stuff is amazingly delicious on a Mission Street burrito! This San Francisco resident thanks you!

    • Vasili Karamanos

      Thanks Kim!
      Where do we find the best burrito in the Mission?

  2. Christine

    Amazing… This is better then Franks, wish we could get it locally in Nashville.

    • Vasili Karamanos

      If you know any places in Nashville looking to have some great hot sauce please let us know!

  3. Jim Stewart

    A very delicious addition to just about anything you put it on. Won’t set your hair on fire, just a nice, zesty flavor.

    • Vasili Karamanos

      Thanks Jim!

  4. Nate Dwyer

    Don’t bother buying just one bottle. You will quickly need more. Trust me…

  5. Cj Spielman

    My friend Mike G gave me a bottle to try and I am addicted. I am a hot sauce aficionado and this is the best hot sauce I have ever eaten. I am going to purchase enough bottles to share!

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