Scary Cherry


If you thought HazMat was done bringing you the most delicious hot sauce we could scare up you were wrong…dead wrong.

This time we took the most delicious cherries we could get our hands on and sent them to our haunted lab.  There we scared the pits out of them for weeks straight using the most frightening ghost peppers we could summon up with our Ouija boards.

We’re not sure what happened to those cherries, but they came out different.

At first they seemed as sweet and delicious as ever but minute by minute we realized there was something different about them, something scary…

They had been possessed with the all the fire and rage of those ghost peppers!

Get ready to scare the taste buds straight off of your tongue and welcome the newest addition to our lineup, Scary Cherry.

WARNING: Consumption of single bottles of HazMat have been known to lead to ordering entire cases.


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Cherries possessed by Ghost Peppers


Dark Sweet Cherries, Garlic, Red Bell Peppers, Carrots, Lemons, Ghost Peppers


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